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Judy Parady

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

As we move into a time of accelerated change there is a need to center ourselves and recognize our innate strengths. Through the metaphor of the Antediluvian we are reminded that humans have survived global upheaval many times. This body of work, inspired by flood mythologies, encourages those who seek guidance to look anew.
The primary motifs are salt and boats. The boats are made of paper and reed; you cannot sail them, they are a device with which to visualize transcension. Salt water, (brine), represents the oceans and our dependence on both water and salt for life. It also reminds us that too much of either leads to destruction and death. Balance and sound navigation are required. This installation of encaustic paintings, sculptural objects and talismans represent encoded data informed by the non-verbal language of art intended to stimulate preparation, mentally and spiritually, for the challenges coming our way.

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