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Judith Gregory
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I create work that entices viewers to rethink the ubiquitousness of tea, a beverage we have all savored at one time or another. Incorporating combinations of used tea bags, the tea leaves they once held, handmade paper and found objects, my work balances concept and form in pieces that are equal parts message and memorable visuals.

Light-weight, semi-transparent installations and wall-hung sculptural work have been created from contributions of thousands of used tea bags, allowing viewers to commune with the absent consumers of this tea and imagine the tiny de-crusted tea sandwiches on silver platters or the welcoming mug or the comforting "cuppa" that each tea bag represents as it's transformed into visual conversations inspired by our favorite brew.

What appears to be fragile and delicate in this work belies the strength found in these tough little combinations of acrylic-coated fiber that have after all, already survived squeezing and submersion in boiling water.

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