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Juanita Greenspan
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Juanita Greenspan – artist statement

I love working in stone because of the unique physical and creative challenges each stone presents. The process of exploring the stone and letting an idea develop naturally is reflected in the organic flow of the sculptures I create.
First I rub my hands across the surface of the stone and study it from all angles. Only after I take hammer and chisel in hand, do I begin to discover the stone's secrets, develop an idea and decide how to proceed,. Each changing contour, the way the stone breaks when chiseled and the coloring and veining that are revealed, all contribute to the final sculpture.
The small moments in life inspire my work. Little things like the curve of a tree branch or the posture of an anxious person often resurface in ways unique to the stone I am carving.

With the stone as my guide, a sculpture emerges.

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