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Joyce Watkins King
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

With this body of work, "Fast Fashion Fiasco: The High Cost of Cheap" I am exploring the consequences of the current "fast fashion" trend in clothing. Works range from mixed media to interactive sculpture to installation. They explore affects on farmers, garment workers, the environment, consumers, and my own sense of family history and loss with the decline in home sewing.

A child of the South and ancestor of Eli Whitney, I grew up with a Mom who sewed my clothes as did her mother before her. Learning to sew while I was in middle school was my introduction to soft sculpture. As a lifelong artist and designer, I have worked in many media, but the call of textiles always prevails. Perhaps it is because textiles are such a universal creative language that cuts across cultures worldwide, providing beauty, function, and symbols of special occasions: births, proms, ordinations, weddings. Cheap fast fashion is robbing us of these delights and threatens an even bigger toll on our future.

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