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Josie Roebuck

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Rape has been the subject that has captivated me and empowered my voice as an artist. In my depictions of the female nude, I explore the haunted and violated life that occurs after a traumatic act, such as shame, guilt, unwanted touch, pain, and the fear of another attack.??
In my embroideries, I depict portraits of survivors that are very intimate and encourage the viewer to wonder what the survivors went through. I create these intimate portraits as a remembrance for the survivors, who are ready to be seen again.
While celebrating the faces of victims I have had the experience of being judged by my face alone. I am a biracial woman who was adopted and raised by a Caucasian family. My recent work depicts the alienation I have felt of not belonging to one specific group, along with the joy and beauty of my biracial identity.

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