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Joshua Flint
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Joshua Flint (b. 1977, Merced, California) is an oil painter currently based in Portland, OR.

His work is interested in what exists between personal myth and history and how these two levels of perception both intersect and remain distinct. He chooses imagery gathered online, from second hand shops, and through social media, all of which suggest a greater narrative than what is apparent in the photo reference. He reworks the subject matter into a new composition at this preliminary stage. Flint then uses photo-collage, digital painting, and color correction software to help resolve ideas. He uses these tools both deliberately and experimentally to remake the image, gaining personal connection and ownership. The piece starts from a place that is unknown and in that unknowing, a painting is revealed.
Through the act of painting Flint allows space for revision, spontaneity and new correlations to arise.

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