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Joseph Weinzettle

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My drawings and paintings are completed en plein air in Pinellas County, FL. I'm interested in exploring contemporary spaces with traditional materials. My panel paintings are underdrawn in bamboo brush and ink as well as in silverpoint. I often work on polyptychs, building the space outwards for a human scale.

Sittings take place over a period of weeks, sometimes months. The compositions are layered responses to site conditions. Light changes during the sittings, and, even when working around the same time, weather may change significantly from day to day. Contour line that is carefully honed in the studio setting devolves to dabs and dots when interpreting form in natural light.

I'm learning to adapt to nature's pace. The pace is sometimes slow--when overcast--sometimes frantic--in the face of an oncoming storm. I believe that art advances when taking on the character of its climate.

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