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Joseph Weinzettle

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My work interprets landscape spaces with traditional materials. My panels are underdrawn in silverpoint then bamboo brush and ink, then painted in stand oils. Initial layers address structures and spatial depth on site; the painted layer more freely explores temperature and site atmosphere.

Site visits take place over a period of weeks, sometimes months. I try to be open to what happens at the site, letting the environment shape the creative process. Light changes during the sittings and, even when working around the same time of day, weather may change significantly from one session to the next.

The pace of making art en plein air is sometimes slow--as on an overcast day; sometimes frantic--as in the face of an oncoming storm. Changing site conditions elicits a gestural response and unforeseen results. I believe that art may advance when it takes on the character of its climate.

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