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Jon-Phillip Sheridan

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

The Follies
The title of this project references the 19th century simulation of ancient ruins and crumbling classical motifs in painting and landscape gardening. The folly was emblematic of a longing for authenticity in reaction to a rising technological alienation of early industrialism. Now these classical motifs are available at big box building supply stores, produced in foam by robotic factories. The disjointed nature of visual culture has been an accelerating force of Modernism since the 19th century. Cubism was a reaction to this phenomenon and my use of fragmentation draws on their destruction of pictorial space. Alluding to the grids of virtual reality, these pictures appear to be constructed digitally. Yet magnified dust, thumbprints and reflections reveal that these are arrangements constructed for the camera. Many of the elements are mass produced simulations: the modernist grids are fluorescent light louvers, the “marble” ceramic tiles with inkjet printed veneers.

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