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John Salvest

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work mines the evocative power of everyday objects. I believe that all the beauty, courage, sadness, humor and absurdity of the world are reflected in ordinary things. They are, after all, physical evidence of our all too human needs and shortcomings. I see my studio as a laboratory where the detritus of daily life--used crutches, an abandoned collection of romance novels, a deck of cards eroded by the action of hands playing solitaire--is collected, sorted and then reconfigured in an attempt to draw out potential meanings. Often with the assistance of the written word, I have attempted to recharge the half-forgotten objects that fill our lives. Through them I have tried to communicate personal realizations about time, mortality and the many paradoxes of the human condition, as well as to comment upon the triumphs and follies specific to our own time.

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