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John Moore

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Growing up, saddled with the binary history of the American south, I was faced with the peculiar positioning of the “Black body” in that history. In my work, I contend with the duality of the “black body”. Having been referred to as black gold, it was flattened into the monolith of projected nuances and chattel property, juxtaposed with the human experience of living, driven by an ancestral spiritual connection and survival. I flatten the figure in black and reveal the golden route that defines the figuration from within in a timeless space. The traveling gold line represents a single coded map, never having been separated from the history and true value of a people. I work in acrylic and oil paint. The eyes and lips are infused with Alabama red clay to serve as a charging and homing agent. Reoccurring themes in my work are remembrance, resurrection, and restoration.

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