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John Huneycutt
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

From childhood, I feel as if I have always lived with one foot in
the past, the other in the present. The melding of these two worlds-
past and present- is most beautiful to me when captured in nature.
Thematically, the majority of my work gravitates toward the natural
world. With wildlife as subject matter in a medium like wet-plate- a
medium that requires prolonged stillness- difficulty increases and
often makes the final outcome of an already daunting task impinge on
impossible. Despite my best technique, unpredictable and often
fortuitous idiosyncrasies can appear in the plates, which displays wet-
plate’s unscripted nature. The Japanese refer to this art of finding beauty
and elegance in imperfection with the term “wabi-sabi.” Wet-plate
bears its imperfections for viewers yet retains its aesthetic beauty
and regality, which coincides with the ability of nature to do the same.

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