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Joel Conison

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

This series is a continuation of the birds in portrait series except more local. Whether you live in the country, suburbia, or an urban neighborhood, songbirds are present. We might take them for granted because they seem plentiful. Unfortunately that is not the case. Songbirds are under great stress, especially migrating birds. As with many animals their habitat is shrinking & these wonderful creatures are decreasing in many cases.
The dichotomy of changing the context of how we perceive these birds affords the viewer the chance to view them in a different way. Neutral backgrounds allow the color, pattern and feather to be appreciated without conflict. Each portrait is then additionally treated with background lightening and darkening as if in a studio situation. The profile orientation enables one to see each bird, and the similarity of body shapes is a reminder of the songbird family, but without direct eye contact.

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