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Jody Fausett

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work deals with human vulnerability, the self-construction of facades, the rites of ownership, and the creation of personal icons that represent who and what we are. I look at the world as I see it, a series of stages created by all humanity in the common walk of life to mark occasions or simply to define us.

In the privacy of our homes, we rewrite the confusion that is our secret existence and emerge each day reborn. For an instant we are the best that we can be, and from that instant our devolution begins.

My ideas are a collision of interests: these encounters unfold quietly and are laced with the fantastic, a kind of fantastic that deals with personal identity and that overcomes struggle.

The work attempts to express the juxtaposition of imperfect truth and heightened reality. Despite efforts to achieve perfection, human vulnerability surfaces in these photographs, thus revealing both truth and defect. But no one gets declawed; it is celebratory.

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