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Jodi Hays

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Usually parallel to titles, my work is a composite of influences, from the history of painting to what I see on daily walks---often disparate yet not unintentional. It is not unusual to want to “slow down” life/data through painting. Instead of a passing-by, there is an accounting of events and spaces within the making a work: painting as souvenir penny.

I am drawn to the grid as a formal consideration, as related to architecture’s seaming of grid to landscape. I like that painting is a state of constraint, an investment within limits, the same way architecture bends and works within our cultural grid. Surface and grid serve as metaphor for the super-modern condition, demarcating physical and psychological borders. Fences and walls stand as permeable exits rather than solid barriers, grid. They are mis-steps, try-outs, attempts, repairs. The repairs end of being much more satisfying than perfection.

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