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Jo Ann Graham
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

As a reflection of my previous career as a Dance Educator, I "choreograph in sterling silver" to create timeless works of wearable art. This inspiration, achieved by hammering and heating metal is not unlike dancing: defying gravity and sculpting out shape in the space surrounding the artist.
My approach to silversmithing is reflected in this "kinetic" fluidity of movement honoring shape, form, energy, and texture found in our ever-evolving world. The subtle shapes and forms of my jewelry connect and interact with the wearer's own kinetic experience, allowing for a sense of harmony and grace.
My designs evolve organically. I alternately forge and anneal the silver so that I can manipulate the metal to achieve a sense of fluid undulating dance like movement. It's art. It is an interactive visceral process uniting the artist and client.

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