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Jim Arendt
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Art making is a way for me to explore our changing relationship with labor. My research focuses on transitions in macroeconomic structures through the lens of their effects on individual lives, communities, and workers’ relationships to the structures of labor itself.
As the landscape of work and labor continue to shift around us, I use art making as a way to investigate how the division of labor and alienation from work has impacted individual lives.
I choose materials to work with while seeking to create a greater relevancy between content and form. My material's characteristics are mirrored in the individuals I choose to represent.
Casting the people I know best into the center of my work, I explore how the changing landscape of labor has defined them, not as they were or are, but as I know them to be. Our lives, separated by years and distance, remain entangled around the work we left unfinished.

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