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Jessica Wohl

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Drawn to the home and its residents, I seek out domestic textiles that are handed-down, passed along, thrown away, stained, smelly, loved, timeless and someone else’s. Gathered in the South, I use these materials as stand-ins for American families, southern communities and individuals. They are familiar, incongruous and disjointed, and retain the energetic debris of households with varied and contradicting belief systems. By quilting them together, I take these fabric surrogates and stitch them into one harmonious form that, by nature, provides comfort and warmth. As a timeless method of mending, I sew as a metaphor for “keeping it together” when our country seems to be falling apart.

In a climate of polarized citizenry, civil unrest and stolen dreams, my work explores the physical and psychological implications of domestic artifacts, relationships, policies and systems on our society’s obsession with, and definition of, the American Dream.

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