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Jessica Sharpe

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My practice is currently focused on a growing body of mixed media paintings, referred to as “Innumerable Unknowables.” This series contains over one hundred small-scale, and four large-scale, mixed media collages. The process for these paintings centers on an intuitive combination of layering and merging collaged elements within landscapes invented from my imagination. The painted landscapes employ a language in which surrealist collaged creatures are birthed into invented landscapes that serve to unground and transport to a far off region of place and mind.
As the viewer is mentally propelled through these scenes they are encouraged to question the possibilities of the physical manifestation of archetypes within an alternative reality while mediating on the unfolding dialogue between Jungian landscape and mythical creatures. Upon this transcendental threshold the scenes open up to serve as metaphors for reincarnation, uncertainty, and the incomprehensibility of alternate realities.

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