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Jessica Ingram

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

In Love Rich Land, Jessica Ingram reveals rich yet marginal areas in the American South. Within photographic portraits in golden light and landscapes of dripping moss and abandoned sites of industry, Ingram examines ideas of power, disappearance, and continuous reconstruction in the American South.

Through gesture and expression, the characters offer glimpses into an inner life, and images of animals stand as allegory, reflecting a tethered wildness. However the photographs remain rooted in the urgency and certainty of the place.

The landscapes depict former hubs, now skirted by interstates and dotted with defunct central districts and empty mills. Ingram is also drawn to overgrowth and brambles, layers of flora creating poetic forms in the process of obscuring.

These are regions of rural life surrounding county seats close yet far from urban life. Ingram’s work evokes her deep attachment to these vibrant yet strained pockets as she unravels and grasps the American South.

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