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Jessica Ingram

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

The history of the United States is a racist one, and I wanted to reeducate myself about its creation by illuminating histories of violence and resistance, where often there were no cameras or recorders. To understand an expanded history, I had to understand the context in which these stories played out. In Road Through Midnight, I constructed this account by photographing sites that held histories of both racist violence and resistance, assembling archival material from libraries, the Southern Poverty Law Center, family members, and journalists. I recorded oral histories with family members who lost loved ones, civil rights era journalists, and those investigating cold cases. In Road Through Midnight, the result of a decade of research and fieldwork, I reframe these landscapes as sites of both remembrance and resistance and transform the way we regard both what has happened and what is happening now. Road Through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial is forthcoming from UNC Press in 2020.

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