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Jessica Dunegan
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I often visualize my emotions before I am able to articulate them. Motifs of reflection, water, and floating convey the power and vulnerability of internal struggle. I find my technique, and the resulting imagery, to be a metaphor for life's journey: a balance of order and chaos.
My method juxtaposes painstaking precision with unruly chemical reactions. Each painting is a layered combination of archival photography on transparency film, acrylic paint, and resin. I squeeze tubes filled with paint directly into a .25 inch layer of resin while it is still in liquid form. The opaque strands of paint remain loosely delineated and hover within the transparent resin. I contain, and then spread, these buoyant strands. Once the initial layer dries, I paint directly on the resin surface to accentuate specific elements of the composition and subdue others. This process is repeated many times to create physical dimension and a unique variety of opaque, transparent, and reflective materials.

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