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Jerry Siegel

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Being a Southerner isn't just about where you live. It's about who you are and how a region has shaped your whole being. I was born and raised in Selma, AL, where family and friends were most valued. It was all I knew. Selma was a vibrant, small southern town no different from many throughout the South. I was sheltered and oblivious to the unrest of the times. I was only seven in 1965 when Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Much has changed in Selma and the surrounding Black Belt region since its beginnings, yet time also seems to stand still. My love of the South, and my Selma roots have drawn me to capture the essence of the region and the dwindling Southern town. It is not a semblance of the ruins and remembrances, but a view of the contemporary South.

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