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Jerome Meadows

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I have been a self-employed artist since 1992 when I founded MeadowLark Studio; I moved to Savannah in 1997. I have created numerous public art projects throughout the United States, conceiving and fabricating various artistic elements while also being responsible for designing the over all layout of the project site. I have been vigilent in creating smaller works as well. As an artist I subscribe to a wide and diversified approach with respect to my visionary pursuits. In addition to creating sculptures and collages, I've been commissioned to curate and mount an exhibition/installation intended to challenge set, outdated assumptions and bring fresh perspective to the oldest museum in the South - The Telfair Museum. Entitled Reframing a Perceptual Paradigm (RAPP), this multi-gallery "intervention" consisted of 130 works as I was given full curatorial authority and unprecedented access to the museum's vast collection. In addition I created several collages as contemporary commentary.

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