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Jerome Meadows

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I have been self employed as a practitioner of public art since 1992. I believe deeply in the relationship between art and the general public, exploring ways in which to understand and develop that important realm. In 1997 I purchased an historic icehouse in Savannah. While much of my works have resulted in permanent projects (see the Portsmouth African Burying Ground 2015 on my website) I have pursued additional ways of engaging my art within a public discourse. 3 years ago I began performing an original series entitled: Blank Page Poetry - Words & Shadows. A large sheet of white paper is suspended with curtains preventing the audience from seeing behind it. The poet performer is cast onto the paper as a shadow, as an artifice which can shift in size and multiplicity while delivering their words. Simultaneously, a selection of the words being spoken are projected onto this same surface. I have produced 2 performances at the Jepson Museum around topics related to local issues.

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