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Jerald Melberg
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

To paraphrase the artist Philip Guston, the important thing is the moment when the hand and the eye know each other. Suddenly, something you may have looked at a thousand times before becomes fertile material for a painting. I think every landscape painter lives for the time he or she can work on location, whether it’s an extended stay in an exotic setting or a walk to a familiar place. Working on location brings integrity to the eye, the hand, and the mind. It provides the information and honesty that are necessary to have when I’m back working in the studio.

For me, light is the key to time and place. Light makes each moment and location unique. Once the light has caught my attention, I begin to work quickly, often doing several different studies at once. When a scene hits me I want to confront it totally on its own terms and let that take precedence over what I do and how I do it, so that the scene becomes the thing.

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