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Jenny Fine

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I employ an interdisciplinary practice that explores the history and language of photography. By incorporating forms of installation, performance, and storytelling with a strong focus on the American South, my work overlaps the past with the present, and collapses the fourth wall established in the still image. I am interested in "reversing the camera's crop" by enlisting community participation. Through this cooperative creative space-making the audience and performer are one in the same.
A Procession in My Mind (2015-2017) is a traveling cyclorama that weaves together the oral history of my South Alabama town and the eidetic image of my grandmother as “1968 Woman of the Year” into a tableau vivant. Surrounded by animated lighting, sound, and ground fog, participants are invited to step inside the photograph, inside the story, not fully knowing what has come before or what might happen next, creating the latent image of a sensory experience that lives on in the mind of the viewer.

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