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Jenny Fine

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I photographed my grandmother for the last ten years of her life. Since her death, she remains a prominent character in the ongoing narrative of my work. Inspired by the “Flat Daddies” project (life-sized photos of military members that help families cope during deployments), I created “Flat Granny” as a stand-in for my deceased grandmother. “Flat Granny and Me” is an on-going series of performance which attempt to transport the viewer inside the mindscape of her grandmother's stories, not knowing fully what has happened or what might come next.

"A Procession in My Mind" is a traveling cyclorama featuring "Flat Granny" as Enterprise, Alabama's 1968 "Woman of the Year"; on a stage reminiscent of a parade float enclosed by a hand-colored, panoramic photograph of my father's farm in cotton. The viewer entering the cyclorama, enters the space of the photograph…piles of cotton form a float while elaborately costumed characters are encountered throughout the room-sized diorama.

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