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Jenny Fine

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I photographed my grandmother for the last ten years of her life. Since her death, I continue to want to make work alongside her. Inspired by the “Flat Daddies” project – life-sized photos of military members that help families cope during deployments, I created “Flat Granny” as a stand-in for my deceased grandmother. “Flat Granny” is a cardboard cutout made from the images I took of her while she was alive. In an attempt to reanimate her still image, I turned “Flat Granny” into a costume. Currently, I am creating environments in which "Flat Granny" and her stories may exist.

"A Procession in My Mind" is a traveling cyclorama featuring "Flat Granny" (as 1968 "Woman of the Year") on a stage reminiscent of a parade float enclosed by a hand-colored, panoramic backdrop of my father's farm in cotton. The viewer entering the cyclorama, enters the space of the photograph…piles of cotton form a float while elaborately costumed characters are encountered throughout the room-sized diorama.

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