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Jennifer Shaw

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The Space Between

I am photographing my life. It is as simple and complex as that. Presently my life is overrun by exquisite little creatures known as children. As they explore the elements with carefree abandon, I observe with camera poised, balanced between protection and permission.

I work from a place of intuition, capturing the action as it unfolds and stealing sidelong glances at the details of our environments. The images grasp at the intangible, like a memory of youth, or the dark tunnel vision of a dream.

Scenes are woven together to form an introspective narrative, giving voice to an emotionally ambiguous state, akin to the murky realm between a lazy river’s glittering surface and its hidden undercurrents. Through the camera’s lens I am transported, traversing the spaces between shadow and light, truth and fiction, delight and disquiet.

- Jennifer Shaw

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