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Jennifer Mckinnon Richman

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Using man-made urban models made of steel found while hiding in plain sight behind fences, in driveways, and littering parking lots - I create photographic abstracts making the original models almost unrecognizable. In my collection City Jewels, I played with reflections, water, and light outside the studio; while in the editing room, I adjusted the saturation, highlights, and colors significantly to create the illusion of jewelry ranging from delicate silver and gold chains to large, colorful chunky necklaces. For months I carried around various props including a squirt bottle filled with water, purses, sequin pillows, scarves, a lampshade, and more to create colorful reflections and shapes. Why dumpsters? I enjoy the thrill of the chase, driving around Atlanta and exploring new neighborhoods, making the most of mundane errands. But, it’s also the ability to create a piece of art from an object people pass every day but rarely SEE.

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