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Jena Thomas
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My interest in the landscape is a result of growing up in South Florida where I have watched the man-made residential and commercial development engage in seemingly endless battle with nature. As a result I have developed a keen awareness of how modern civilizations presence alters the landscape and all the visually striking, yet jarring juxtapositions created in the process.

It is because of this interest that I paint fictional landscapes. These landscapes explore the ways in which mankind interacts with and transforms the natural world. I am especially interested in how we as humans create idealized versions of natural spaces. Manmade constructs such as pools, patios, and golf courses are featured prominently in my work and serve as visceral boundary lines between the fabricated and the organic. Rich color and surface texture attribute to my creation of a luscious otherworld where the imagined is entangled with reality.

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