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Jefreid Lotti

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My interest in depicting these particular domestic spaces comes from an unusual encounter I had with a clothing-iron. When I was a teenager I lived in an Efichensi, the illegal subdivision of a residence into a separate living unit. Like many families who recently arrived in Miami from Cuba, my mother and I lived in this overcrowded transitional space until my college years. One morning while ironing my clothes on the bed where I slept, she accidentally placed a hot iron on my leg. I woke up startled and with the desire to scream, but I didn't. These paintings come from such a place. The works, which include portraits of my mother, still-lives, and suburban landscapes, are an informal self-portrait fueled by my experiences and emotions of living in this small efficiency space in a new country. Building upon the narrative painting tradition, these paintings broadly evoke displacement, perseverance, and hope.

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