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Jeff Bell
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

In my work, I focus on gathering preexisting objects, deconstructing them and then creating sculptures from those elements. The materials I work with come from everyday things, and my references are to other commonplace objects and to popular culture. Ultimately try to get at something new, but also something that reflects its previous language: a sculpture that at first glance reaffirms assumptions of everyday objects but at further examination resists those notions and lives outside of my understanding.

Five years ago I dismantled a piano and used its elements in a variety of sculptures. As the leftover scraps from that piano began to dwindle, I became increasingly interested in creating an installation using source materials from a singular object. I began to take apart a different piano a couple of years ago and then reconstruct it. The work evolved over time and became a solo exhibition I call RePiano.

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