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Jeanne Jaffe

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work explores two stages of human development: early pre-verbal experience and later influence of language and culture on identity.
Earlier works investigate visceral, emotional, and metaphorical connotations of form.
My most recent installations explore how we are formed and conditioned by the stories we are told as children and as adults, by reexamining the narratives embedded in folktales, poetry, and history. Sculpture, videos, interactive elements, and related 3-dimensional text create multi-sensory experiences that function like illuminated manuscripts. The different signifying systems of language, image, motion, and sound augment each other and highlight different aspects of our pre-verbal and our culturally conditioned experiences.
How we navigate multi layered experience, where signification and understanding is being endlessly reshaped, and how we create meaning from the multi-determined quality of a sensation, memory, object, myth, or text is the subject of my work.

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