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Jeanne Jaffe

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Inspired by an interest in anthropology, mythology, and psychology, my work explores how identity is forged from early, pre-verbal bodily experience through the later influences of language and culture.
In my sculpture involving pre-verbal experiences, I give concrete form to intangible sensations and early bodily experiences. This is accomplished by creating hybrid forms of mixed origins of experience - fusions of animate and inanimate worlds, simultaneously familiar yet strange.
In installations such as” Little Red Riding Hood as a Crime Scene” or “Elegy for Nikola Tesla “and well known folktales and history, are reimagined through a contemporary lens and made into multi—sensory environments. In these installations, sculpture, videos, interactive elements, stop motion animation and sound coexist in a multi-leveled composition. The different signifying systems of image, motion, language, and sound highlight different aspects of our internal and external experiences.

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