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Jeana Klein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Abandoned houses haunt my waking dreams. I think about who once lived there, what their stories were, and why those stories weren’t important enough to be preserved. I wonder when the first broken window was left unfixed, when the first roof tile wasn’t replaced, and why the former inhabitants fled. I explore these remnants armed with a camera and memories of my own former homes. Back in the studio, I digitally manipulate the photographic evidence of past lives. I then break these images apart and print them piecemeal with an inkjet printer on scraps of recycled fabric-from my late grandmother’s church quilting group-with its own forgotten history. I stitch the pieces together to create compositional wholes before adding my own speculative story in acrylic paint. In the end, each piece is no longer image alone, but is image and object in quilt form.

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