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Jeana Klein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

After the election, inauguration, and policy implementations of Trump, my life and my work shifted dramatically. I wanted to be a good activist, but adding that role to those I already inhabit—artist, educator, mother, wife—rendered me incapable of fulfilling any of them, particularly when viewed through the lens of social media. In my newest work, I am thinking about the effectiveness(-less) of social media as an agent for change and as an archive of this moment in history. I am thinking about the false sense of participation, the ineffective activism, the twice-removed relationship to concrete action, and the echo chamber of social media. I am thinking about what it feels like to simply exist in the present tense of this tense present. I am thinking about the inherent slowness of textile processes as antidote to the speed of social media and the news cycle. I am thinking about what it means to make concrete, tangible, and personal that which is fleeting, virtual, and anonymous.

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