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Jeana Klein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

"Recent Activity" began on January 27: the day protests erupted at JFK airport over Trump’s travel ban. I felt helpless and frustrated by my inability to physically join the resistance, so I participated in the only way possible from my North Carolina mountain home: scrolling through my news feed, clicking hearts and thumbs-ups for the people doing the important work of making voices heard. It felt painfully inadequate.

Through this project, I’m thinking about the false sense of participation, the ineffective activism, and the echo chamber of social media. I’m thinking about the power of mere headlines and the density of the news cycle. I’m thinking about the personal and professional inadequacies that are heightened through comparison to others’ activities. I’m thinking about the impossibility of doing everything and being everywhere.

It is a time capsule of this very particular moment in history: overwhelming, contradictory, divisive, claustrophobic, and exhausting.

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