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Jason Mitcham
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Through an interdisciplinary approach rooted in painting and stop-motion animation, my work investigates suburbia, modern ruins, and temporality within the landscape.

My animations are created by digitally recording thousands of slight alterations on paintings. Approximately ten miniscule changes are made for every second of footage. In the process of creating the videos, which explore sites of ruin and entropy, the paintings become ruins as well. This relates to the concepts within the work, and the video excavates the painting, allowing its history and narrative to be revealed. As the animations develop, the paintings become topographic “terrains” of built up layers, correlating to the actual sites they depict.

Ruins stand as reminders that memory is always incomplete and imperfect, and serve as traces that link past, present and future. In a sense, my painting process (and practice as a whole) functions in exactly the same way.

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