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Jason Mitcham
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

When a painting becomes a field of narration, the artist’s mindset about constructing the image changes. No longer are marks made with the ultimate, final state of the image taking precedence. Rather, every mark creates the animation, so only the next movement matters. No ideal form is thought of. Rather than transcendency, contingency is paramount. A mark’s purpose is to bridge the one before it and the one that will follow it. More than likely it will be overlayed later on, by other marks needed to tell another part of the story. The painting must be allowed to destroy itself in order to become itself. This correlates to the concepts within the work, and the video excavates the painting, allowing its history and narrative to be revealed. As the animations develop, the paintings themselves become topographic “terrains” of built up layers, correlating to the sites they depict.

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