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Jasmine Best
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Working from my past articulates a better understanding of my own background as a Black Carolinian woman. I take the racial, southern, and domestic upbringing I, and past generations of women in my family have had, and place it in a new context. My work creates a platform for discussion for black southern femininity in predominantly white spaces as well as creating a vehicle where my audience can make connections of representation and find relatable connections in their lives.
Memories make up the biggest part of our identities but they can be manipulated like any medium used in art. I reevaluate personal memories for moments that have greatly affected how I interact with others and perceive the world
Medium specificity is the best way to materialize memory based narratives. Specific fabrics, prints, animation, objects, mark making, and compositions can all bring to mind a certain time, place, emotion, or person.

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