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Janet Onofrey

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

We live in a time and culture where millions of images bombard our senses at incredible speeds relentlessly. Are we really seeing? There are things we don’t see, even when we are looking straight at them, and things we stare at obsessively, so that we are blind to everything else. This is human nature.
My plein air paintings of Florida deal with the act of seeing and the passage of time. Unlike the traditional spirit of the plein air experience, I am capturing the process of painting as a response to an experience.
My subject is not particularly spectacular, but scenes that are routinely overlooked – “the unseen.” Taking the time to actually see the subject, to connect, blends the moments of the act of seeing with my personal history. In a blink of an eye, the art illuminates the subject and raises the viewers’ consciousness, never to see the same.

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