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Janet Hopkins
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

In my paintings I focus on people engaged in their lives. In the last few years, I’ve started a series of paintings on artists at work, two images of which I’ve submitted. Commissioned work has included images of families at play on beaches, by the harbor, in a mountain stream, on piazzas, in gardens, and other specific places meaningful to individual families. In some examples of non-commissioned works I have shown children on bicycles racing on the streets of Charleston, a series of children in dancing class, and a conglomeration of bicycles outside of a corner grocery store after school. Paintings I’ve submitted in this genre include a painting of parents shepherding children on their way to school, and a painting of the sidewalk socializing that happens after a church service lets out. In my latter paintings, I hope to document a sense of community and family life in my day.

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