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Jane Philips

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I am a mixed media painter. My works are a response to the emotional demands of existence. Ever present, within my life and my work, there is anxiety. This can be invigorating but, at times, near overwhelming. My paintings allow me to express myself and to expel my inner demons
Many of my works evoke the swamplands. Grasses, lily pads, snakes, frogs, and algae recall the disquieting and beautiful habitat, ever circulating with death and growth. This environment is a concrete manifestation of the unease in which I live. The detritus creates haunting gloominess and beauty, the remnants of life nurturing new life.
Although most of my works are solemn in tone, there is always a point of illumination. A beacon within the blackness. Subtle beauty in darkness. A lesson to be learned through struggle.

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