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Jan-Ru Wan
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

One’s culture is imprinted in its mind, and this imprint determines how to perceive things. Through perception, this imprint evolves in every second and every place, refining itself to produce a new experience, and ultimately a new culture. These commonalities become the foundation to build my search through my works.

By manipulating common objects I intend to recontextualize and embed them in different kinds of senses and create a new avenue. I have always emphasized on the contrast between the interior and exterior of my work: harshness vs. softness; tension vs. freedom; free floating vs. measuring; compulsive energy vs. imperturbable silence.

The multiplicity of small images, details, and objects that make up the whole reveal the individual and the universal simultaneously. Through this repetition of form and notion, the discrepancy between materials is wedded alchemically to produce a new harmony-- the balance of the chaotic, the sublime and the beautiful.

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