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James Pfeffer

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Being an artist is: a way of life that comes from within one’s self wherein a love affair with design creativity is more of an intuitive process showing versatility that happens naturally, much more than a 9 to 5 job as creativity knows no limits in time and place, a constant renewal of learning and thought processes to help keep a positive, innovative and fresh point of view... in short, any artist never does it all nor hasn’t realized everything as there are always possibilities for improvement, new ideas or approaches (even to a same subject) and should allow the sharing of ideas to be passed on in a teaching and learning environment.
Many people - teachers, fellow students, co-workers and friends - helped me along in my career and I have been trying to reciprocate that process by being helpful in allowing a possible student to realize a potential or develop a personal approach to an art process not by emulating what I do, but rather realizing their own potentials and possibilities

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