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James Anthony Faris

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The sculptures I create are inspired by derelict manufactured spaces found within Bulloch County. Each object is created in Tabby, a historic building material comprised of oyster shells, commonly known as ’;the first American concrete.’ Tabby was used in the Coastal South, speaking to the resourceful tradition of using available aggregates. The sculptures embrace the tonal and textural qualities provided by this material to yield ghost-like representations of architectural components while also referencing commercial and historic methods of construction.
Serving as a monument to the diverse history of each site, every sculpture is fabricated based on the scale of the original architecture to preserve the specified sense of the structure. Within each sculpture, sections are intentionally left missing to reference a hindered capacity for each architectural component to fulfill its intended function. By focusing on facades in ruin, the works act as a metaphor for neglect, loss, transition

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