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Jaime Aelavanthara

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Where the Roots rise, in a forest full of ecru bone, the woman of the woods awakes to a world of myth and ruination. Here where the roots rise and the sun seeds, decay runs rampant—seasons change—nature lies in await to stake its claim. Aligning with the tradition of Southern Gothic, "Where the Roots Rise" articulates humankind's capacity to decay as a marker of our identity. Set in the swamps and woods of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida, the feral woman collects the bones, branches, and flora and treads with the animals, both dead and alive.

The cyanotype process shifts focus from potentially colorful landscapes and figures to textures and forms. Tea-staining the prints dulls the blue, adding warmth. Printing on Japanese Kitakata paper, which is prone to ripping, tearing, and wrinkling, reflects the deterioration of nature and gives the prints a feeling of fragility. This work ultimately reflects upon the forms, the impermanence, and the interconnectedness of natural life.

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