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Jacob Muldowney
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

The image of the threshold is intriguing in its potential for expressing that which is liminal, or at the verge of transition.One particularly significant manifestation of the idea of threshold is the veil.

By its nature, the veil represents the threshold’s capacity to be simultaneously a point of access as well as a barrier: to be both opaque and transparent, reflective and absorptive. The veil also provides a material indication for the space that thresholds inhabit. In its concurrent fulfillment of seemingly paradoxical roles, the veil becomes a potent metaphor for human perceptual experience.

Spaces that reside between defined spaces by very definition resist definition. It is for this reason that I am drawn to exploring thresholds: to demonstrate the limitations of description, and in doing so provide an analogy for the ineffable.

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